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Image from page 130 of "Games of skill, and conjuring: including draughts, dominoes, chess, morrice" (1865)

Image from page 130 of
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Identifier: gamesofskillconj00lond
Title: Games of skill, and conjuring: including draughts, dominoes, chess, morrice
Year: 1865 (1860s)
Subjects: Games
Publisher: London, New York, G. Routledge and sons
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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Text Appearing Before Image:
ng one crocodile isnt worthy of the name of a British sailor. [Exeunt. Scene III.—England. The sailors native village. A p^imp on oneside, a signboard, with the loords The Jolly Sailor cut out, onthe other. Enter Jack Bowline. Jack. Here I am again in my native village, safe and sound as anew frigate! Wont my blessed old dad be glad to set eyes on me,and wont all the folks stare when they see my tame crocodile?Sambo, a-hoy ! Tow the vessel into this port! Enter Sambo leading the Wondeeful Crocodile hy a string,Little Jim folloiving. Sambo. Here we be, Massa! De critter as tame as posble. Tinkhim turned vegetarian as him eat noting but grass and clober. Himcry like a child when me scold him. Jack. Its a queer craft to look at. Let me get on deck. {Mountsthe Crocodile.) Now, music, strike up Jack Robinson. The manwho wouldnt dance a hornpipe on a crocodiles back isnt worthy ofthe name of a British sailor! [He dances a hornpipe on the back of the Wonderful CrocOdile. Curtain falls. 122

Text Appearing After Image:
CHINESE SHOW OF ARTIFICIAL EIREWORKS. The Chinese showman, by an ingenious arrangement of punchedpictures, transparencies, and revolving wheels, imitates brilliant stars,cones, jets, and cascades of fire so cleverly, that his exhibition rivalsa display of real fireworks. The Chinese show is not difficult to con-struct, and may be exhibited, like the gallanty show, in a doorwayleading from one apartment to another. Have a frame made some three or four feet square, and twelve orfourteen inches deep, and let there be a ledge or groove aloDg thebottom in front, and a corresponding one, also in front, at the top,sufficiently wide to slide a picture in. Two wires are to be placedacross this frame, each having a loop in its middle, for the purpose ofbearing an axle or spindle, wiaich may be made of stout wire. Onthe front end of this spindle, a wheel, of about two feet in diametermade of a thin hoop, and six or eight wire spokes, must be fastened,and the other end should have a handle secure

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bookid:gamesofskillconj00lond bookyear:1865 bookdecade:1860 bookcentury:1800 booksubject:Games bookpublisher:London__New_York__G__Routledge_and_sons bookcontributor:The_Library_of_Congress booksponsor:The_Library_of_Congress bookleafnumber:130 bookcollection:library_of_congress bookcollection:americana

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