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is considerably more difficult to solve than chess; tactics on T-boards become more elegant without 定石. In 2014-III, 6d Crazy Stone defeated 9p 依田紀基 in 1 out of 2 19x19S2PG by 2.5 pts with 4 hs; in 2017-V, 9p AGM beat 9p 柯潔 in 3 out of 3 19x19S2PG with 0 hs; in 2017-XII, AZ achieved within 24h a superhuman level of play by winning 60 out of 100 19x19S2PG against AGZ.

FEN₀ 19x19S/C/T: 19/19/19/3P5P5P3/19/19/19/19/19/3P5P5P3/19/19/19/19/19/3P5P5P3/19/19/19 b - 0 1 [●, b¹ ² ³; ○, w ]


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M. Alvarado & al. 2017: Go formal revealing by IM.
D. Silver & al. 2017: Mastering Go without human knowledge.
J. Wang & al. 2017: Beyond MCTS: Playing Go with DANN & LTE.
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AZ · FS · ANN · DL · IM · PR · QC · EXPS · 2VL · CC · EGT · WBT · CS · TTSB · GBS · QEC · 余し · 相場 · 神の一手 ·
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torus game strategy tactics algorithm crazystone ai boardgame densei-sen 19x19 tesuji kiai non-zero-sum game Wolfram Language glass go game theory solved game Norimoto Yoda perfect play 依田紀基 blind go joseki 定石 바둑 圍棋 Forsyth–Edwards Notation 19x19T PMMA PolyMethylMethAcrylate LEXAN PolyCarbonate formal science Rodney William Whitaker 渋み つるのすごもり crane's nest Toroidal Gô multi-player AlphaGo Multi-Player Go Glass Blind Board shibumi 相場 余し 神の一手 美意識

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